Covid-19 is impacting everyone. At work, at home, personally and professionally. 

We’re all in this together. And, it hurts all of us as people start acting more out of fear.

For our businesses, as fear rises… Processes break. Profits suffer. Chaos takes over as the future becomes an unfamiliar set of conditions.

Leaders, employees, board members, and the others start reacting more to the unexpected. The company becomes less prepared to resolve risky areas of the business.

Everyone starts focusing on what could go wrong (instead of excited about what should go right).

That’s when risk management can no longer be ignored. Everything about Covid-19 presents risks.

But… it also presents opportunities.

That is, if you face (not ignore) this unexpected event.


  • Become clear about how future crisis can affect your company
  • Make it known to everyone else, too
  • Spot and attack these risks before they attack your company


To create a plan to identify, rank, track, and resolve future risks affecting your business.


  • To learn what to address and what to ignore for this crisis
  • To allow the workplace to feel safe while reducing uncertainties
  • To adopt risk management mindset and culture

To convert all those “what ifs” in people’s heads to “let’s do this.”

And… to be prepared for, so you can avoid any future crisis.