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During diagnosis, we dive deep into your organization to figure out what’s truly going on. We run our comprehensive, proprietary diagnostic assessment tool with key members of the organization. We look at market and historical trends. This phase is about understanding what’s going on with your organization.

The scope of this phase includes:

    • Engagement with key members or your organization, including the diagnostic assessment
    • An assessment report
    • Defining key objectives, key risks, and management capability


Planning starts when the assessment report is complete. Now that we know the story the data is telling, we work with you to develop the strategy. This phase focuses on prioritization, and skills capabilities, i.e. if strong marketing and branding emerges as an area of focus, and one of your executives comes from an advertising background, we would match that executive to lead that project.

The scope of this phase includes:

    • Prioritization of tasks
    • Alignment with the stakeholder team
    • A detailed work plan


Resources is about how we set you up for success. Whether you need a project manager to lead the plan implementation, or a temporary Chief Risk Officer, we can provide those talent resources. We hold or chair events once a month to educate small and medium sized business owners on how we can turn risk into opportunity. We regularly post blog articles, written by our thought leader Andrew Richardson. Get a free opportunity report with our opportunity calculator

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